At any age we can benefit by observing what distresses us and finding ways to tune out and self-settle. Even though I live on the other side of the world, following the long, drawn-out US election process has been sufficiently distressing that I was becoming agitated.

Observant and savvy parents can usually pick up on ‘tired baby cues’ (unless they are too sleep-deprived themselves) and help their baby fall to sleep in their own little cot by self-soothing (without the inducements of full-body contact or feeding).  Perfecting a bed-time routine with patting, stroking and repetitive shhh shhh sounds to help baby self-settle may take a while, but it has enormous rewards for the whole family.

My self-settling process involves finding a new, short-term project that engages my mind and challenges my creativity.  I was feeling very uneasy about the elections until I stumbled on the idea of making tiny clothes for my grand daughters’ naked Barbie dolls. And I knew exactly where to start, PINTEREST!

Pinterest ( ) is a marvelous resource for great patterns and many of which are FREE. After a while I was able to come up with my own designs and by the time Joe and Kamala were declared the projected winners, I had a lot to show for my foray into Barbie doll fashion:

  1. I started off with a knitted skirt, top and short dress for Barbie. I used long circular needles because I like a seamless finish. The style was inspired by designs from

2. My Fair Isle knit skater dress, boat-neck top and shorts for a Barbie Halloween party. The cute crocheted shorts were inspired by a pattern from

3. Crocheted Barbie summer dress featuring a pineapple motif and contrasting belt. The strapless bodice was inspired by a pattern at

4. Crocheted midi length dress with ruffled hem and neckline for Skipper Barbie. The neckline was inspired by a pattern from

5. Knitted fairy dress for a small Barbie Skipper doll from the sports range. My own design built on a knitted saw-tooth edge and continued with long circular needles. My younger grand daughters like the numerous joints in these young Skipper dolls.

So, while the whole world, still gripped by Covid, held its breath in anxious anticipation of the US election outcome, I could at least enjoy the small pleasure of feeling productive as I made these small doll’s clothes for my cherished grand daughters.

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Researcher, Educator, Planet Lover, Grandmother who accepts the science of climate change. Drawing on life experiences and a background in Economics and Geography to share my opinions, stories, follies, gratitude and hope.

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