The Right Time

Two firies died yesterday fighting bushfires as Australia suffered its second day this week of record breaking temperatures. Below is my brother David’s editorial piece.

The Right Time

The Prime Minister asserted now, in the death struggle to control devastating bushfires, was not the right time to discuss the potential impacts of climate change on weather and natural disasters. Where was the minimally adroit journalist to ask “so, when might be a good time ScoMo”? Why can’t the public, who he governs for, hear what he has to offer on the subject?

In the interests of respectful dialogue, let’s hear the story advanced by the ignorant right drones. I invite the government to produce and publish a paper clearly stating what the prevaricators believe and why they believe it. Please bring a copy to an open forum to discuss its merits in comparison to the weight of scientific opinion. (Remember how we used to respect the advances of science and empirical inquiry?)

Also bring a pencil to make draft corrections and a highlighter to mark those details that may require validation by a fact check service or reputable citations. Oh, and please bring evidence of the 10,000 hours you have invested in developing expertise in climate science.

This may not be the best time, in the heat of the moment as it were, but when might be that time? How about waiting until your pants are on fire, liar liar.

David Muscio

Published by julzlovell

Researcher, Educator, Planet Lover, Grandmother who accepts the science of climate change. Drawing on life experiences and a background in Economics and Geography to share my opinions, stories, follies, gratitude and hope.

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