Counting down to the last goodbye

I’m a grandmother who cares deeply about the state of the planet my grand children will inherit. I’m counting down to my own death which if all goes well will be when I am 90, so I have approximately 21 years left. I am also counting down the time we have left to rescue planet Earth from irreversible damage.

My blog is organised in three sections: Life, Health and Climate Change

I am making my blog public because

  • My experiences and insights on life may help other parents and grandparents
  • I accept the science of climate change and I want to be part of the dialogue that helps communities find their courage and voice to stand behind the science in the midst of a noisy and sometimes hostile crowd that refuses to educate itself on the reality of human-induced global warming
  • I have a research masters in Economics from the University of Queensland and I want to use my education and research skills to collaborate with others on critical topics of vulnerability, resilience and adaptation to climate change

Published by julzlovell

Researcher, Educator, Planet Lover, Grandmother who accepts the science of climate change. Drawing on life experiences and a background in Economics and Geography to share my opinions, stories, follies, gratitude and hope.

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